Getting Started

Virtual Initial Assessments

Bierman ABA’s Initial Assessment (IA) is an important first step in developing your child’s treatment plan. The IA uses conversation, observation, and formal assessment tools to understand your child’s skill strengths, identify areas to target for improvement, and prioritize your family’s unique needs. The goal of the IA is to determine treatment recommendations, including the number of weekly therapy hours needed.

Bierman ABA’s virtual IA connects you directly to your child’s Behavior Analyst through a secure, virtual platform.

What are the benefits of scheduling a Virtual Initial Assessment?

  • Our Behavior Analyst can observe your child in the most comfortable and natural setting.
  • Virtual IAs promote specialized and collaborative care by providing parents a hands-on role in testing.

  • The virtual platform provides more insight into the assessment process. It allows parents to be an active part of goal selection.
  • Behavior Analysts can gain insight into how a child responds to his or her day-to-day settings and routines

  • Conducting an assessment via telehealth provides a unique collaborative experience. Behavior Analysts can explain and demonstrate basic ABA techniques as they get to know your child
  • Leveraging telehealth streamlines the assessment process, allowing for improved data collection and expedited report preparation.

Unique Classroom Environment

Bierman ABA offers a unique classroom setting for learners who may soon transition into a school setting. The classroom creates an environment that closely mimics an elementary learner’s school day, complete with activities such as circle time, centers, art, lunch, and music.

Social Skills

Family and friends participating in daily social groups that focus on communication, play, and daily living skills. While maintaining a 1:1 ratio, our children participate in group settings daily. Groups include play groups, social groups, mealtime groups, and community outings.

Communication Skills

Early learners working on sounds, signs, and other communication while playing in a giant playroom. For our early learners, building communication is everything. We build intensive programs focused on helping children to express their needs, as well as social communication.