Telehealth Services

Telehealth ABA, Speech & OT
Therapy for individuals with Autism

Bierman ABA is pleased to announce that we are now providing ABA Telehealth services. Telehealth is a technology that enables BCBAs and other ABA experts to provide real-time training, consultation, and service delivery.

The American Academy of Pediatrics describes Telehealth as the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers or tablets, to access health services remotely and manage your care.

How can Telehealth help children
with autism and their families?

ABA Therapy delivered via Telehealth seamlessly blends skill development, instruction, and parent training.

Children experience the highest level of success when the skills, when the skills learned in ABA therapy sessions can be used at home and in community settings. Likewise, parents are more likely to feel confident and safe in any situation when they have the training and tools needed to support their children’s unique needs. ABA Therapy delivered via Telehealth is an excellent tool for teaching children the skills they need to communicate, learn, and play, while at the same time, providing parents with the training they need to help their children experience success.

Telehealth Services During COVID-19:
Supporting families struggling to find services

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused school closure, suspended services, and disrupted routines. If your ABA services have been disrupted, we are now accepting new clients at most of our locations.

During this challenging time, we continue to provide medically necessary services. We have adopted appropriate protocols and modifications to ensure the safety of our team and the families we serve. Our clinicians can even conduct your initial assessment virtually – learn more!

What Can We Work On Through Remote Online Programs?

Telehealth services are an excellent option for children already enrolled in ABA therapy, as well as children who are new to ABA and have not received services in the past. Providing Telehealth and in-home services allows us to help families with a variety of skills, such as:

  • Helping your child follow a daily schedule

  • Social and play skills with siblings

  • Increasing social and language skills with family members, including communication device training

  • Teaching children to be more independent and monitor their own behavior

  • Potty training

  • Playing appropriately with toys and expanding play skills

  • Mealtime help such as expanding food preferences and self-feeding

  • Daytime and nighttime routines, such as getting dressed and brushing teeth

  • Teaching daily life skills (cleaning up toys, helping with chores around the house)

  • Parent training – you tell us what you want help with, and we will work with you on it right away.

A BCBA can provide many services
to you and your family

Telehealth is just like regular ABA therapy, children of all skill levels can benefit from Telehealth, and no previous parent training is required. Instead of driving to our center for services, ABA via Telehealth uses digital communication technology, such as computers or tablets, to access ABA services remotely, provide training, and manage your child’s care.

Telehealth service models include:

  • In-person direct services via Behavior Technician with Telehealth Clinical Direction provided by a BCBA
  • Parent training and consultation
  • Direct therapy services via Telehealth for children with appropriate prerequisite skills

ABA Therapy delivered via Telehealth seamlessly blends
skill development, instruction, and parent training

Telehealth has existed for more than 30 years and been successfully adopted by many professionals in the fields of medicine and education. Our team of experts uses a collaborative approach to TeleHealth through HIPAA’s secure platforms to ensure that your child and family members can receive ABA services at a convenient time and location when coming to our center is not an option.

Contact us today to learn more about our Telehealth services and how we can best serve your family.

A Quick Word on Insurance

Insurance can be complex, which is why we figure it out for you including checking your current policy as well as alternate funding sources if required.

Insurance Coverage for ABA

We accept insurance coverage from most providers. Our billing department is set up to handle all insurance needs from authorizations to ongoing claims and billing.

Our Insurance Process

Our billing department is set up to handle all insurance needs from authorizations to ongoing claims and billing. It is important to keep in mind that insurance plans vary greatly by policy, so our team will start by checking your benefits to confirm coverage details.

  • Provide our billing team with your policy information

  • Our team will check your insurance coverage and benefits
  • We will then review your policy details with you and discuss any other options if necessary
  • Need based grants can be located for your family

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