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Rhode Island Location

Our Rhode Island locations are designed with the intention to be a place where children are truly excited to learn. The BACB guidelines for treatment recommend a minimum of 25 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week for children in need of intensive programming to treat skill defects across a variety of developmental domains. With this in mind, we designed centers that have many environments within one setting, so that children are constantly exposed to new learning opportunities, social interactions, and experiences.

Cranston, Rhode Island Location


Our center in Cranston was designed with naturalistic teaching in mind, providing an open environment that maximizes learning opportunities and allows learners to truly engage in the world around them.

Warren, Rhode Island Location


Our center in Warren is in a stunning historic building flooded with natural light. The open space provides an environment for learners that maximizes social opportunities.

ABA therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on improving socially significant behavior. It is based on the science of Behavior Analysis, which is scientifically derived and its principals can be used to understand and change behavior.
ABA therapy is the most effective evidence-based treatment for Autism and is recommended by physicians, the American Psychological Association, and the US Surgeon General.

Precision Teaching is used to ensure we meet our learners where they are at with all skills, and systematically increase the complexity of the instruction as the data shows they are ready. Fluency Based Instruction is used to promote high rates of responding which leads to fluency across skills and efficiency in teaching. Naturalistic Teaching is used to make teaching and learning fun as well as imbed teaching trials into natural environment activities.

Speech Therapy in Rhode Island

Why Speech Therapy for Children with Autism?

When discussing outcomes for children with autism, family’s first priority if often increasing communication. Autism presents symptoms related to unusual language development and processing. As a result, children with autism often are delayed in developing spoken language. To maximize our ability to increase a child’s communication, we offer speech and language therapy services.
The benefit of having Speech and Language services provided at our center is to ensure the progress and generalization overall. Carryover is a big part of improvement and growth in speech and language skills. The Behavior Technicians are constantly trained, updated and informed about the progress and goals set for the children they work with to meet the needs of each specific child.
During speech sessions the child will learn to play, use words/sentences to gain access to preferred items/activities, follow one/two step directions, answer WH questions, sequence, and use appropriate social skills. Children are assessed to determine their long and short-term goals. A child’s individual needs, strengths and weaknesses are all taken into account when creating functional and obtainable goals.

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