Our Outcomes

Measuring Outcomes for Meaningful Impact

Providing the best possible care to children with autism can only occur when the focus of treatment is achieving excellent outcomes. We measure ourselves at providing the best possible care to children with autism by our measurable outcomes around:

  • Daily Achievement

  • High rates of skill acquisition

  • Client “graduation”, and classroom success following treatment

Focusing on outcomes-based clinical excellence, our team is dedicated to measurement and constant improvement.

We also measure outcomes by simply asking our client families, “How are we doing?”. Every quarter, we gauge satisfaction by asking a simple question of whether or not our families would recommend our services to a friend or colleague. This feedback helps us to show if our outcomes are of value to the families we serve.

Classroom Placement (all locations, 2019)

Graduating Clients

Mean = 720 days (~2 years)
Median = 687 days (~1year, 11 months)

Parent Surveys

  • The NPS is the gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Provides a deeper view of satisfaction by gauging willingness to recommend a company to others.

  • Parent’s are asked: “How likely is it that you could recommend Bierman ABA to a friend or colleague?”

  • Standardized Scale: Answers were on a scale of 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely)

  • 97 responses, 93% of parents responses within “extremely likely”