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Change Lives. Challenge yourself. Every little detail of our work, everyday, adds up to something that will amaze you. This is not a place to coast. You will solve real problems. You will be inspired by the intensity, and you will constantly step it up. You will be proud of the impact you have, and you will have fun while doing so!

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Here is what you can expect when you work at Bierman ABA Autism Center

Core Values… This is what WE value above all.


Bierman ABA is committed to transforming lives.

  • Diversity allows us to create a better learning environment, make better decisions, and make a more meaningful impact on our community.
  • We believe diversity and inclusion are crucial for innovation – everyone in is the only way forward.
  • We strive to build an environment where people from different backgrounds and experiences can thrive, learn, and create.
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Our Commitment, Your Career!

Our Partnership with Endicott College

We now offer employees of Bierman Autism Center the unique opporutnity to pursue a graduate degree through Endicott College.

  • Our hybrid learning model involves video based lectures and live course meetings with a cohort of Bierman employees.

  • A mix of instructors that work at Bierman and outside of Bierman to give a variety of perspectives while helping you apply what you are learning to what you do at work everyday.

  • Graduates of the program will have fulfilled the educational requirements to sit for the national examination administered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board in order to become the next cohort of BCBA’s.

  • Students in the Bierman ABA Cohort are eligible for tuition reimbursement!

  • Endicott graduate students have a 63% pass rate on the BCBA exam (check out all university pass rates.)

Student Supervision Program


Are you interested in or perusing, your BCBA certification? Our Student Supervision Program will provide you with the necessary Fieldwork Experience to sit for the exam. In this program, supervision students will work closely with their Primary Individual Supervisor to improve and refine their verbal and applied skills. Meetings with Individual Supervisors consist of reviewing task list items, working on increasing fluency in terminology needed to pass the exam, and working hands on with clients to practice the skills needed to be a successful behavior analyst. Students also attend Group Supervision, where they learn and present on behavior analytic content in a small group setting. The program is aligned with both the 4th and 5th edition task list, and typically takes between 1.5 to 2 years to complete.

Clinician in Training (CiT)

We prioritize continuing education and providing sufficient support to our Behavior Analysts. We believe that the best outcomes for our clients comes from Behavior Analysts who have ongoing training and development opportunities. In our Consultant in Training Program, Behavior Analysts will learn a variety of applied skills, including, visual analysis, programming using Precision Teaching, using skill-based assessments, creating and running Fluency Based Instruction programs, writing treatment plans, conducting functional behavioral assessments, as well as teaching and designing self-advocacy and assent withdrawal programming. Behavior Analysts in the CiT program are paired with an experienced BCBA who acts as a mentor, providing support both in and outside of time spent with clients. In addition to receiving support and training from their CiT supervisor, there are also small group trainings where Behavior Analysts participate in additional training on topics such as making data-based decisions and programming using errorless instruction. Typical program length is approximately 6 months to 1 year, but continued support is provided for all Behavior Analysts. We also host bi-weekly Clinical Office Hours where BCBAs can learn, share ideas and sometimes even earn CEUs during your workday.

Are you a student interested in learning about ABA?

We welcome student groups who want to tour our building or intern with us!

We offer paid and unpaid internships at all of our locations for the fall, spring and summer terms. These internships are a great way to learn more about the field of ABA and see it in action before moving into a career in the field after graduation. If you’re interested submit a resume through our careers portal for the location of your choice!

Chat About Internships

Get in touch with an Alum from your college!

The field of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is still relatively new, therefore, not very many schools offer ABA as an undergraduate degree. Behavior Technicians come to Bierman with a variety of undergraduate degrees and have attended a vast array of institutions of higher education. This helps to make us a very unique organization! If you are still in college and wish to be in touch with somebody within our organization who shares your alma matter, drop us a note! We would be happy to share insights about beginning a career in Applied Behavior Analysis with you today.

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Good Times with the Team

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