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Home Based ABA Therapy Programs


Fall 2019: Bierman Autism Center offers ABA therapy programs delivered in a home environment. If you are interested in receiving home based ABA therapy services, we offer ABA therapy programs for children with an autism diagnosis in and around Union County. Get in touch to learn more about home based ABA therapy OR to get your child started today!

New Jersey Autism Center Coming Soon


Coming Soon: Bierman ABA will provide center based ABA, Speech and OT Therapy programs to children with autism designed to maximize learning opportunities. Our New Jersey Center will open in 2020 to serve individuals with autism.

Center-based services have been shown to have significantly higher staff supervision and training, higher rates of exposure to peers, higher guarantee of a full-time schedule, and an overall much higher caregiver satisfaction.





New Jersey Areas We Serve

Northern New Jersey


We serve families living in and around Union County, New Jersey through ABA therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational therapy programs.

ABA therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on improving socially significant behavior. It is based on the science of Behavior Analysis, which is scientifically derived and its principals can be used to understand and change behavior.
ABA therapy is the most effective evidence-based treatment for Autism and is recommended by physicians, the American Psychological Association, and the US Surgeon General.

Precision Teaching is used to ensure we meet our learners where they are at with all skills, and systematically increase the complexity of the instruction as the data shows they are ready. Fluency Based Instruction is used to promote high rates of responding which leads to fluency across skills and efficiency in teaching. Naturalistic Teaching is used to make teaching and learning fun as well as imbed teaching trials into natural environment activities.

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