Early Intervention

Early Intervention: Child Development

In the early years of a child’s development, the brain is creating more new neural connections than any other time in life. These neural connections write the blueprint for all future learning and behavior.

We believe getting things right the first time is much more effective than trying to fix them later.

We provide an intensive learning intervention during a time when brain development rates are high. This pairing builds a strong brain foundation for learning and behavior that will follow through all of life.

We provide center based, 1:1 intensive intervention starting at age 18 months.

Early Intervention: Environment Matters

Scientists have discovered that the experiences children have early in life and the environments in which they occur, not only shape their developing brain architecture, but also affect how genes are expressed.

We believe children thrive in a supportive environment. We believe children must have an environment rich with learning opportunities and filled with constant interaction.

In everything we do we create a learning environment that builds a strong brain foundation and aims to activate maximum genomic potential.

We provide 1:1 therapy to maximize learning opportunities. Our BCBAs keep low caseloads, so that they are able to maintain truly individualized programs and treatment plans. We use a center-based ABA model that allows us to create an environment designed for learning and peer interaction.