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We welcome student groups who want to tour our building or intern with us!



We offer paid and unpaid internships at all of our locations for the fall, spring and summer terms. These internships are a great way to learn more about the field of ABA and see it in action before moving into a career in the field after graduation. If you’re interested submit a resume through our careers portal for the location of your choice!

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The field of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is still relatively new, therefore, not very many schools offer ABA as an undergraduate degree. Behavior Technicians come to Bierman with a variety of undergraduate degrees and have attended a vast array of institutions of higher education. This helps to make us a very unique organization! If you are still in college and wish to be in touch with somebody within our organization who shares your alma matter, drop us a note! We would be happy to share insights about beginning a career in Applied Behavior Analysis with you today.

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We don't have our employees sign a non-compete.

We feel very strongly about this because of the following:

We find this unethical, unconscionable and counter to what we stand for. Our mission is to help, not hinder a child's development. You can read more about our dedication to this subject on our blog.

Be a part of something BIG!

Change Lives. Challenge yourself. Every little detail of our work, everyday, adds up to something that will amaze you. This is not a place to coast. You will solve real problems. You will be inspired by the intensity, and you will constantly step it up. You will be proud of the impact you have, and you will have fun while doing so! We'd like to talk to you if you are...


Passionate about working with children with Autism.

Team Player

We team up to tackle projects and problems!


Motivated to make an impact in this field.


We let our sense of right & wrong guide our decisions.


Curiosity and desire to always learn are essential.


We take our work seriously, but we make every day FUN.

Here is what you can expect when you work at Bierman ABA Autism Center.


Our team stays current. Laptops & iPads are always around to make your job easier.

No Non Competes

Ever. Read more about this on our blog.


A fun, informal, stimulating and challenging environment!

Health Insurance

Multiple plans to choose from.


Great team of inspiring, passionate and hard-working co-workers.We're like a family!


We offer comprehensive training to make sure you stay on top in our field.

Paid Time Off

Plenty of paid holidays and vacation time.

401 K

We contribute, planning for our future, together.

Disability Insurance

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance. (Because life happens)

Even more Insurance

Dental, Vision & Life Insurance


We think you're worth it and offer a very competitive pay scale.

Growth Opportunities

We're growing and we want you along. We help with career progression.

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