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We are pleased to offer our new Virtual Caregiver Training series for families! Our series is geared towards families new to ABA services as well as families who are currently receiving services, and just want to learn more! Read more below, and come back often, we will be adding more webinar topics and other helpful training material!

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One of our core values at Bierman ABA is to build an incredibly fun, stimulating, and creative culture, and what better way to do this then through play! This informative and interactive webinar will discuss where to start with play based on developmental level, as well as specific play skills that could be targeted through a variety of toys and play activities! Please join us for a discussion on developing play skills for your child!

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This informative webinar will go over the key concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Speech and Language Therapy services. The webinar is a great introductory webinar for family members and caregivers of children that have started either ABA therapy or ABA therapy and speech and language services or are about to get started with therapy. Topics of discussion will be the basic concepts of both therapies, why we teach certain skills, and how both services collaborate together to target skills.


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Change can be a difficult concept. Are you a parent or caregiver that has a child with difficulties adapting to change? This informative and interactive webinar will discuss why change might be difficult, as well as strategies for changes in routine, changes that arise due to holidays, and changes that children can encounter on vacation. Please join us as we discuss ways to prepare your child for change and what strategies can be helpful based on the type of change that your child is experiencing!

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