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Fuse Science & Learning to Accelerate Progress & Transform Lives

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ABA Therapy Children Autism

Fuse Science & Learning to Accelerate Progress & Transform Lives

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ABA Therapy Children Autism
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Our Goals

ABA Therapy Children Autism

Transform the lives of children with autism.

Our clinical practices are built around a commitment to deliver on the progress of kids we have been entrusted with.

Our goal is to create a disproportionately large impact and to solve real problems of those whom we work with. We realize that we have a limited window of opportunity to help each child make the maximum possible progress.

Build an incredibly fun, stimulating and creative culture at work.

As important as the kids we work with, is our team and our culture. Because that’s what defines us, and the work we do. We are driven to build a hugely talented, motivated and passionate team. We believe in keeping things fun and goofy… there’s no reason not to! Our effective outcomes are built around a great team of awesome people working in sync.

Stick by our Principles and doing the right thing.

Every decision, big or small needs to adhere to our principles. Sometimes this is incredibly hard, and requires us to make difficult choices. But that’s ok, because it’s the right thing to do. Against odds and conventional wisdom, we do the right thing.

Our Focus

Through the scientific principles of ABA therapy and accelerated center-based learning, Bierman ABA is dedicated and focused on providing Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) services for children with autism:

  • We create a safe and nurturing environment to enhance your child’s progress

  • Our personalized EIBI programs are built around a child’s unique personality, interests, and capabilities. Our programs build a strong learning foundation and teach skills that promote happiness and success in any environment
  • We teach skills and foster relationships that affect every developmental domain, laying a strong foundation for developmental and educational outcomes through all of life

Whether your child was just recently diagnosed or has been in a traditional school setting but unable to make adequate progress, we deeply believe every child is capable of learning with the right programming in place.

Our Approach

Bierman ABA goes the extra mile to ensure that kids entrusted in our care are happy kids. Keep up to date with what our clinical team is working on.

Our Services

ABA therapy can impact the life of your child in so many ways. Dig deeper into our programs and teaching methodology.

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Parent FAQs

Do you suspect your child has Autism? Want to know more about what therapy programs look like? Read our FAQ.

Our Locations

State of Arizona

North Carolina

  • Raleigh, NC

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Recognitions & Accolades

Over the years, our organization has been honored to receive recognition for both our amazing team culture and the excellence of our clinical team.

Behavioral Health Center for Excellence Two Year Accreditation

What is the BHCOE?

BHCOE Accreditation has recognized us with a 2-Year Accreditation, acknowledging our organization as a behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in Applied Behavior Analysis.

BHCOE Accreditation recognizes behavioral health providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff qualifications, and consumer satisfaction and promote systems that enhance these areas.

“At Bierman ABA, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality ABA services to help each child make meaningful progress. We are excited to earn BHCOE Accreditation because it is a reflection of our commitment to our clients and their families, and is a demonstration of how hard our talented team works” said Chief Operating Officer Chrissy Barosky, BCBA. “We look forward to continuing to prioritize constant growth and improvement so that we may best serve our community for years to come.”